A career at queo valueTec means working on exciting individual software projects, experiencing the flexibility and agility of manageable teams, and enjoying all the benefits of a long-established company as part of the queo group.

Challenges & Responsibility

Whether it's a team, a project, or a topic: From day one, you take on responsibility with us. Challenges in various industries and an extremely diverse work routine await you.

  • Cross-Functional Teams: To efficiently solve complex tasks, you collaborate with queos from various departments in a team. This allows you to benefit from a broad knowledge exchange, provide insights, and contribute your own ideas and talents. 
  • Autonomy: You and your team are best equipped to assess projects. That's why you make autonomous decisions, collectively find answers, and implement solutions in a way that best contributes to the success of the projects. 
  • Learning Culture: We don't see mistakes and detours as obstacles but as opportunities to learn. They are an integral part of our culture to optimize decisions and explore the depths of problems.

Freedom & Development

We grow together, inspire each other, and enjoy our work. To ensure you feel well-equipped for that, we offer diverse development opportunities and plenty of room for personal growth.

  • Freedom: In our (work)day-to-day, you receive the freedom and every support you need to make the most of it – from your head, your team, and every other queo. 
  • Learning Opportunities: To ensure your personal and professional growth, we organize regular exchange formats, attend industry events together, and conduct team workshops. Additionally, you benefit from the knowledge and experiences of queos at five locations. 
  • Training Budget: Shape your development according to your preferences – from conferences to barcamps and deep dives into specialized books. You have 12 days per year at your disposal for this purpose.
  • Innovation Opportunities: In close collaboration with universities and other institutions, we are regularly involved in the technical conception and implementation of research projects. In this exciting environment, we offer you the opportunity to promote innovation and personal development.

Working together

Working at queo valueTec means sticking together: with a clear aspiration, solid values, and a culture that values authenticity and honesty. We trust each other and consciously take time for one another, from small exchanges to major events.

  • Mutual appreciation: We live what we say. Respect, trust, and appreciation are natural to us. As team players, we support and complement each other. 
  • Exchange on an equal footing: We value open dialogue and regularly organize exchange formats at various levels: with heads/management, within teams, and in cross-functional settings. 
  • Community: Genuine togetherness is important to us – in projects and beyond. Sports events, BBQ evenings, and shared events are integral parts of our culture. This creates an atmosphere of well-being and space for interpersonal relationships

Work-Life-Balance & Well-being 

With us, you have many opportunities to shape your workday the way it best fits into your life. Because good work is done when you feel good and comfortable.

Full Flexibility: You work where it suits you best. Whether in home office, at the office, or somewhere in between – our queo culture allows for all models. 

Time Off: A time account, flexible working hours, or the option of a sabbatical give you the freedom to balance work and personal life optimally. 

Regular Health Offerings: Whether it's massages, workplace health initiatives, or sports events, we support you in maintaining your balance and finding a counterbalance to your work. 

Emotional Well-being: It's important to us that you're doing well. And to support you when that's not the case. We stay in close contact with your head and use formats like the mood barometer or queo Balance for discussions on psychological topics.

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