This question can now be answered by data infrastructure (DI): a customised web-based software solution for AgroVet-Strickhof, created in co-operation with the Canton of Zurich (Strickhof), the ETH Zurich, and the University of Zurich. Cooperating together, these three organisations constitute an agricultural research group. Our challenge was to develop an optimised data-management system for various operational and research application scenarios, and involved pooling various data sources and access rights.

We created a data infrastructure that displayed data tailored to target audiences and offered intuitive operation.

Our services for the data infrastructure:

Enable easy identification of dependencies in the various data supplies at any time, and targeted navigation within the data

  • Ensure all data is automatically imported every day
  • Homogenise the data as the basis for complex calculations and comprehensive analyses
  • Enable analyses across various animal groups
  • Permit various role definitions by virtue of a rights management system, and control data visibility for each interest group
  • Combine different interfaces such as SOAP, REST and CSV

The AgroVet-Strickhof DI is the central system enabling staff and students to work efficiently. Each user group has the necessary information for a specific animal based on their work context. The operations department, for example, sees an animal‘s food consumption and weight gain, while researchers are able to manage tests and test results.

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