DMT’s summit devices constitute a varied, modular measurement system, and are designed to perform all kinds of tasks in the field of seismic exploration. They also enable tremor readings and microseismic monitoring.

The Summit X One in particular consists of many small and large measurement devices. They are set up over a vast area and connected via cable, collectively forming a flexible network. The X One measures tremors, and enables inferences to be made about soil properties.

The challenge lay in developing a software for Summit X One’s measurements. Our software controls the devices, manages the measurement data, and immediately displays initial results.


Our services:

  • Enabling a network topology to be created out of all connected devices
  • Taking measurements, displaying results, and managing data
  • Integrating various filter processes to issue appropriate measurement readings

Summit X One visually displays the results fast enough to enable an initial validation on site, allowing measurements to be instantly reviewed and adjusted.

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Andreas Wetzel
Senior Technical Consultant 
+49 351 213 038