Finakom is a broker association for financial products. The associated online portal offers access to an extensive product database. With our further development, this database becomes an advisory tool for brokers. The entire customer advisory process is mapped for them. All based on our powerful C# application. In addition, its integrated offer calculator identifies relevant products that match the individual customers' needs and budgets.

For brokers, the expanded Finakom portal offers, in addition to the product database: transparent product research, comprehensive customer data handling, efficient online documentation.

And not to forget: More time for the actual consultation.

Our service for Finakom AG:

  • Replacement of the existing software and expansion with new functionalities
  • Individual software development based on C#, Umbraco CMS, Angular
  • Synchronization of customer and transaction data from the basic broker application (CODie)
  • Connection of over 35 external tools
  • Use of inSign for electronically signing, sending and managing legally binding documents
  • Intuitive editorial area for the integration of external news sources and event management

More than 700 brokers are already satisfied with the advantages of our all in one software solution.

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Matthes Winkler
Head of Technology Consulting
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