Our challenge for HanseYachts: a platform for all matters in marketing and sales.

It has to benefit all stakeholders - e. g., customers, the press, dealers and investors. We asked ourselves what connects all these people? It’s the yacht’s life cycle. So we created scalable software that could be used throughout the yacht’s life cycle. After all, there are always new yachts, brands and markets being added.

The MIS connects all processes from marketing and sales, such as:

  • Getting to know a yacht for the first time via the brand website
  • Contact channels between customers and HanseYachts (e.g., ordering brochures via the MIS and individual yacht configurator)
  • Processing of sales leads by the dealers in the MIS with standardised information, images and online offer process
  • Documentation of the purchase through to warranty questions and after-sales services

Our services for the MIS:


  • Conception and implementation of a flexible and scalable software architecture
  • Friction-free migration of data from different legacy systems into one overall solution
  • Service infrastructure (REST API) for bidirectional exchange of information and media between the brand websites (CMS TYPO3) and the MIS
  • For 11 years: Operation, support, quality assurance and continuous further development with simultaneous productive use of the entire system


Product managers, dealers, editors, investors, customers and the press become active in the MIS. Depending on the access rights, they create and update data or call them up. Always on the same platform, for all matters.

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Head of Technology Consulting
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