The MONILOG® web portal captures every situational transport, storage, and operational risk. The sensors are used, among other things, to detect impact, tilt, vibration, and temperature.

We integrate the previously separate sensor management and data visualization into a web application. For this web solution, we also adapted the existing data processing process. The sensor data periodically arriving at the server is now automatically analyzed and processed. This allows users of the MONILOG® portal to monitor their current sensor data at any time. Along with the pre-made charts, we make risk situations transparent for analysis. Our web application remains open for future sensor and device types through simple configurations, without the need for additional software updates.

MONILOG® RISK LOGGER: For monitoring risk situations.

Our services for SMT ELEKTRONIK GmbH:

  • Complete re-engineering as a Java web application
  • Visualization of alarms and messages from devices and sensors
  • Audit functionality for tracking data modifications on the user side
  • Expansion of additional sensor types or messages without software updates
  • Efficient storage and display of large-scale data
  • Management of devices and tenants

The MONILOG® web portal successfully brings transparency to risk monitoring. With its clear and easy-to-understand sensor data visualization, it inspires its users.

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